Berry Picking @ Wildebraam


Berry season starts mid Nov and runs till the end of Dec (round Christmas)… harvesting season is 6 weeks only !!!

Entrance fee per person is R10.

We supply a bucket for picking or you can bring your own. You are welcome to purchase the bucket and lid at a rate of R12 for the medium and R17 for the large.

After returning to the cellar, we weigh the berries and invoice accordingly after packing in zip lock bags. (blackberries R25 p/kg and youngberries R30 p/kg)

During peak season you do not have to make a reservation to go berry picking , thus you can only arrive.   We suggest that you visit early in the morning for then the berries are firm and it is not too hot for the family. Remember the sun screen and your hat !


Trading Hours


Monday to Friday 8:00-17:00
Sat 9;00 -16:00
Sun 9:00-13:00 (mid Nov-till end Dec only)


Mon to Friday 8:00  latest entrance is 15:45 in order to exit 16:15
Sat 9:00, latest entrance is 14:45 in order to exit 15:15
Sunday 9:00, latest entrance is 11:45 in order to exit 12:15

Berry Orders


It is preferable   to place your order for fresh berries during season 1-2 days in advance we can only pick when weather permits in order to avoid disappointment. For large orders of frozen berries, (more than 15kgs) we also prefer a 1-2 days lead time to ensure sufficient stock. For pricing of frozen berries, please contact the office.

After picking your own berries, you are welcome to visit our tasting room where we showcase a large range of products: JAMS, PICKLES, CHILLIES AND  RELISHES . We prefer for groups larger than 8 to phone and inform us you are on the way in order to secure a trained staff member can attend to all your needs. Coffee shop for the berry season will also be open to cool down with a fresh berry smoothie or piece of baked cheese cake.

For your interest, our berry festival will be held on the farm Sat 2 Dec 2017 which promises to be fun filled family day with lots of  activities and entertainment. Please see the Berry festival page for more info.


Phone: 028 514 3132

Wildebraam , S4 Hermitage South Lane,
Hermitage Valley, Swellendam, 6740

Come and join us on our berry estate where you will be warmly welcomed in our stunning valley just outside Swellendam, and overwhelmed by our gastronomic delights!!



Berry Picking

Liqueur Tasting

Wildebraam Berry Festival